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I Heard a Noise....

A couple of evenings ago, I was in the computer room finishing up some homework and I heard this really strange noise. It sounded like a freight train coming down the road at a high speed. It did not slow down... even if it wanted to. "It" was a car racing at an extremely high speed headed toward our house.

Our house sits at a three way intersection.... one road ends at a stop sign and then you either make a left or a right to continue on. If you forget to stop at the stop sign or just blow through it, you will end up in my front yard.

Back to high speed car that was headed towards my house. The car apparently tried to stop but was unable to due to the fact that it blew out a tire. ( I wonder why??) The driver tried to make the turn and avoid our yard.... but that did not work either.

This is the end result of not being able to slow down with brakes, but........ a strong fence will certainly do the trick

The drivers did not want to stick around. Why? Oh the car was stolen and they were out on a joy ride. They grabbed their stuff and disappeared before I could get their name or even a picture. Idiots.


paula said...


Nice. Don't you just love people? Glad no one in your family was hurt. Now you just have the pain of cleaning up and getting stuff fixed.

Lisa said...

no injuries... we are thankful. One mail box to replace.

Lisa said...

no injuries... we are thankful. One mail box to replace.