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Big Changes

Changes are taking place. Changes in your daily routine can definitely make you a bit nervous if not totally panicked. Yesterday at work, big changes are taking place. I work at a small freestanding imaging center. The center is part of a group of three centers that is owned by a larger corporation in Tampa.

Due to the tough economic times, our patient load has been very light. People are losing jobs.. no insurance and if they do have insurance they have to choose between paying a copay or deductible or groceries for the week.

Well, the VP of the corporation in Tampa was at our center very early in the AM which is not typical. When he entered the building he proceeded directly to the manager's office without a greeting to anyone. Again, not typical.

You know, when you know, when you know things are happening? Kinda like the "spidey" senses get all tingly? Well, that was several of us yesterday. We just knew we were going to be closed down. End of the pay period, the VP comes in really early on an Friday morning... You see the pattern, right? During the VP's and manager's 20 minute meeting, we were all speculating and the speculation was all pretty negative.

As it turns out, we were overly concerned for nothing. The bigger corporation had an offer on our small imaging group and since the corporation was hurting for money, they took the deal. Yep. We were sold! Which sure beats unemployment. The old owners and the new owners both assured everyone that the transition would be seamless and we would all keep our jobs. :)

Next week, the new owners and staff are going to be at all three centers training us on new paperwork, computers, and how they want us to do things their way. AND... we are going to be able to sign up on their insurance which I have heard is so much better than the insurance we currently have.

This alone is wonderful. I will be able to purchase a better plan BEFORE my newly scheduled surgery in Feb and I am hoping and praying that my out of pocket costs will be reduced greatly! I am so excited. God has a plan and I know I just have to "Trust and Obey..."


Paula said...

Lisa, you poor thing that wait must have been horrible for you all...so glad the news was good for you and you are right god has a plan. If you would have gotten laid off he would have sent you in another directions. When I got pushed out the door I was so upset and for almost seven months wondered what god wanted from me and now I am a social worker loving my new job.

Lisa said...

Hi Paula... Trusting God is definitely the hardest and best thing to do. I am anxious for Monday to see how everything will fall into place.

Jennifer said...

I am so glad it worked out! I bet that was a scare though.

Tracy said...

Yay! So glad it wasn't lay-offs like you were dreading. That's great about the new insurance too, every little bit helps!

Lisa said...

Hi Jennifer..Yes it was a little nervewracking. Definitely a Reese Cup Day! :)

Lisa said...

Hi Tracy...

I am really looking forward to tomorrow and see all the new changes. Will keep you posted on the benefits'