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Removing a Crutch

I finally did it. I did not think I could, but push come to shove, I managed to get rid of a costly "crutch". It was easier than I thought and even one day after the event I am doing okay. So what is the big deal...I finally cancelled my subscription to AOL. Yep, I was paying 26.00 dollars a month to AOL because ....... well, I guess because I don't like change. And... I have always had AOL and I felt comfortable with the platform it offered.

Anyway... I easily cancelled my subscription last night, I will only have to pay for this month and after that I will be able to divert the 26.00 dollars to debt reduction......or future projects.

I have to say, it is very freeing to let AOL go. I did not realize it was such a burder.


Paula said...

We held on to aol for the longest time too thinking we needed it several years ago. I know how you feel.

Michelle said...

I have had my aol address since 1994, so I have the free email account, but I stopped paying a while ago too.

Sonia said...

You can still use AOL for Free with Broadband, I have for yrs

Lisa said...

Hi Michelle,,

Yeah... I "knew" I could have AOL for free a long time ago..... it was just a mental block of some sort. : I am doing better now!

Lisa said...

Hi Sonia,
This whole free AOL is a lot easier than I thought it would be! :) Thanks