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This Week's Agenda

This week is going to be crazy busy for me. My class started again, it is a mini semester class so that means a full 16 week class is scrunched into 8 weeks. It is an online class, so that does make it more manageable.

I am still doing my observations for the online class every Monday morning for 3 hours and I only have today and next Monday to observe and my 15 hours required observation will be fulfilled.

Today, at 11:30, I have a one hour phone interview for the per diem job I have applied for at a local hospital. So many hoops to jump through for this job. So far I am on track to secure the position.

I assigned the shopping to my hubs today, I will not have time to get to the store for the next few days. The list is ready for him and that errand certainly helps me a great deal.

The rest of the week is the same. Work, work, work. And I am grateful for my job, so no complaints here!

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