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Selling on Amazon

In a quest to get rid of some junk that is lying around the house, I have listed a few things on Ebay and for the first time, I listed some books on Amazon. I only listed about 7 and I have had them for several years.

The process is very easy and I did not have any problems. After listing the books, I ate dinner, watched The Amazing Race and then checked on my Amazon site. Lo and behold, I sold a book!!! Yep. In less than two hours, I sold a book!!

This is very exciting, I am slowly meeting my goal of earning 200.00 (net) with online sales and or auctions! Now, to make more time to list a few more books...And I need to put a weekly menu together too. That was suppose to be one of my other monthly goals....

1 comment:

sabakose said...

Awesome! I always want to sell stuff online, but then have NO clue what to charge for shipping or what to even ship them IN?!? What type of books did you list?