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Our Early Thanksgiving Dinner Recap

This past Saturday was the day for our family get-together to celebrate Thanksgiving.  We as a family celebrate major holidays the weekend before so that our grown children can enjoy the holiday with out trying to be in two places at once.

The food was already ordered and I confirmed the order Saturday morning.  My daughter and her husband were picking up the food and my other son before they headed to our home.  I did some last minute cleaning, and my husband set up the borrowed tables and chairs in the backyard. ( The weather was perfect). 

 My other son and his family arrived first, and then my mom.  The food, my daughter and her family and my oldest son were pulling in the driveway.  After the food was unloaded and set up, we said a prayer of Thanksgiving and then got a line going buffet style to fix our plates.

Everyone enjoyed the meal, and despite the arrival of my oldest's son girlfriend, ( another story altogether) the get-together was a great success. After the meal and cleanup, the men played a entertaining game of horseshoes in the backyard.  The girls do play, but not this time.  We were more entertained by my grandson and it was a team effort to keep him away from the horseshoe game.

All in all, the day was a great success.  We enjoyed each other as a family, the event was practically stress free, and we are all looking forward to getting together for Christmas,,,the weekend before of course.

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DIY Investor said...

Good idea. The fun in holidays can be diminished by having to visit too many families, especially if you have young kids to bring along.

Michelle said...

I like this idea...we're thinking of doing christmas with family out of town AFTER christmas instead of trying to do it all in a small window. always too much and inevitably someone always gets sick. ugh.

Jane said...

:):):) Happy for you!

Aloysa said...

Sounds like it was a great early Thanksgiving get together. And the weather cooperated. Here, we are expecting a blizzard. We were supposed to go to my parents but I don't think it will happen. No one wants to drive in the snow.

Lisa @Cents To Save said...

DIY Investor@ If only we had started this tradition when my kids were young....

Michelle@ After Christmas works too. This is about the season... and stretching it out over the month is a lot easier on everyone.

Jane@ Thanks!!

Aloysa@ Blizzard!!??? Yikes!! I would stay home too!