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Money Saving Monday Week 12 The Saved Quarter Challenge

It is already week 12 of the Saved Quarter Challenge!  Where does the time and the money go? I did much better this week with my grocery shopping.  Last week I went a little crazy and spent$ 170.00.  This week, we only needed a few things, like milk, bread and dog food.  Did I mention how expensive dog food is?  Anyway, I only spent 45.00 dollars.
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There is no major changes in our saving this week.  We still have money taken out of both of our checking accounts that go in to our different saving accounts that we have at ING.  These accounts are necessary to cover expenses that happen once in awhile like property taxes and auto repairs. 

This week is a spendy week.  Today we have inspections on the Short Sale House:

295.00 for the house structure
85.00 termite inspection
300.00 septic tank inspection

And if all goes as planned, we will have moving expenses too, but I will be happy to pay those as well.

Next week, I will be redeeming my monthly limit ($25)  of Swagbucks in Amazon Gift cards.This will go towards Christmas Gifts and my $500 Holiday Challenge.  

Swag Bucks To Date: 2800
How I am using my Swag Bucks


Sharon said...

I've been doing $5.00 at a time for Amazon.com gift cards. It appears that it's a better deal than getting the $25.00 card. (Uses more points). Is there a difference between the two that I should be aware of?

The Saved Quarter said...

Sharon's right about the $25 costing more points. The main distinction is that you can only get 5 of the same thing in a month, so if you have a LOT of points, you might want to cash out in larger increments.

Good luck with your short sale! I hope the inspection comes up with no problems and the rest of the sale goes smoothly!

Jane said...

The termite inspection - is that a mandatory thing in just your state or does everyone have to do that? I don't think we have that one around here.
Wishing you good luck!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you evened out with your grocery spending in the end! :) My cat food s expensive too, but it's organic/holistic so that definitely adds to the price!

Awesome that you have enough swag bucks for gc's! That's a great supplement to holiday shopping! :)

Lisa @Cents To Save said...

Sharon and Penny, I should have stated that more clearly on the Gift Cards... I do redeem for 5.00 at a time to get more bang for my swag bucks!

Jane, yes the termite is mandatory, at least for a VA loan.

Leetah East said...

Good luck with getting the house! And awesome job on the $45 on groceries this week, even if you did go over last week. I deal with a budget of $60/week to feed my family of 5 (soon to be 6). I hear that struggle!

Newly following from the Totally Tuesday Blog Hop.

Leetah East

What is a Short Sale? said...

Good thinking. What are your thoughts on expansion on a global scale? People obviously get frustrated when it begins to affect them locally. I’ll check back to see what you have to say.