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My First Sale on Half.com

Of the few things I listed on Half. com and Amazon, so far only one item has sold.  The Marvel Encyclopedia of Superheros was  a book that was given to me by my friend that was downsizing.  The book sold for 17.87.  I was  reimbursed $3.07 for shipping, Half.com's commission was $2.86 for a total of $18.26 profit.    Here is the back story.... the actual shipping which included delivery confirmation was $5.60.   I also incurred the cost of a roll of brown craft paper {$5.25} to wrap the book.  Bubble wrap I get from work for free.  I was inspired by Lindy at Minting Nickels post on low cost shipping.

The roll of craft paper will last quite a while, so it was worth the money.  Definitely cheaper to make your own mailer then to buy them.   So...  after all is said and done, my net profit  for July is $7.41.  It is a start.


Niki said...

Congrats! I like Half.com since it is so easy to use.

Lisa said...

Thanks Niki! I never realized how easy it was to sell on Half.com. I have always used it to by texts books for school.

Lindy Mint said...

If you took out the cost of your kraft paper in the first book, then it's all profit from here on out right?

I'm not surprised that your first sale had to do with comic books. Those things sell quite well. Unfortunately, the size of the book ate into your shipping reimbursement, but many times I find that shipping costs less than the reimbursement on smaller books, so I figure it all evens out.

Good luck on those future sales!

CentsToSave said...

Yes Lindy, it is all pretty much profit. You have a great blog! Love all the motivating ideas you provide.