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November Goals And Upcoming Expenses

Hello November!  How did you get here so fast?  From here on out the rest of the year is really going to fly by!

Here are some of the areas I will be working on this month: 

1. Spend less on groceries.  I have been budgeting about $150.00 per week for groceries.  I think I can cut this back to about $125.00 -$130.00 per week.  I know that might seem high for two people, but there are things that we will always buy.  For instance, Powerade.  My husband drinks this ALL the time to stay hydrated.  It is on average $1.00 per bottle.  He will need about 10-15 per week. 

2. Reduce my electric bill by continuing to hang clothes outside, and on my Ikea drying rack for inside drying.  This has been working out pretty good so far.  it does mean that I do have to iron a few more things.  So be it.

3. Start shopping for Christmas.  This has been a work in progress all year thanks to my $500 Holiday Challenge .    I will have to go through the items I do have and wrap them.... (maybe).  I also have to put together a couple of picture calenders for family members. 

4. Start listing some items on Ebay that I no longer use.  For the month of October, my husband opened am Ebay store to get get rid of some auto parts and such.  The Ebay store did do pretty good in October.  A profit of $750.00 is pretty darn good and will come in handy for some of the upcoming expenses....


This month, there are going to be some out of the ordinary expenses.  First, I am having arthroscopic surgery on my knee to repair a torn meniscus and scrap off some arthritis.  The copay will be $250.00.
I still have to make sure that this will cover the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and what ever else.

Next, my husband's friend has a practically new (but slightly used) AC system for sale.  He will be looking at it tomorrow and if it is in as good as shape as they say we will be buying it for $350.00.  Fingers crossed!  The system in this house is 20 years old and a brand new system would cost  close to $1500.00!  Also, my husband will be installing the unit which again will save us big bucks.

That is all I can think of for now. I am sure there is more, but I will keep track of these goals for you and you can follow along and see how I do!


Michelle said...

My goal is to list things ob ebay also.

Tanner E said...

Those are some great goals. That ebay income is outstanding! Good job. Ikea is the dead trap of thrifty people, I swear.

laura @ move to portugal said...

Good luck with your goals and your surgery this month Lisa :)

Aloysa said...

I am not shopping for Christmas this year. I used to do that a lot and what hugely expensive and really underappreciated by everyone involved. So I stopped! :)Good luck with your goals!

Jane said...

Wow - you have a lot going on!! I really hope your surgery goes well - that might be something i have done some day as I have damaged meniscus on both knees, some days are worse than others. I will be interested in hearing how your knee is doing! Good luck on the AC - those aren't cheap!!

Carla said...

Great job on the eBay income!! :) Hope your surgery goes well, keep us updated & good luck with your goals ths month! Although with the impending surgery I think you should cut yourself some slack!

CentsToSave said...

Cutting myself some slack.... So noted and will do!!

CentsToSave said...

Thanks for the well wishes Jane. I will keep you posted on the outcome of the surgery.

Cash Flow Mantra said...

I hope you are making progress on your November goals.

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