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Debt SnowFlake Challenge Week 2


To help keep my on track with my debt elimination progress, I have joined Melissa at Mom's Plans in her Debt Snowflake Challenge.  To the best of my ability, I will update my own debt snowflake progress every Friday. 

Progress:  This week has been super busy with a variety of family events and appointments.  In fact, this week has been pretty crazy.  
I finally did turn in my bag of loose change that has been in my car's backseat since December 5th.  The total amount was $47.00.   Not too bad for a bag of change.  

My income this week from Virtual Assisting is $6.00.    It is growing and I am looking forward to growing this avenue of income. 
 This week, I was a featured contributor/challenger at OnlineMoneyBloggers.  This will definitely keep me motivated to stay on task.  Looking forward to learning from others in this challenge!  

Goals for up coming week: Until we can move back to our home with parents, (after mom's radiation treatments) I am limited in getting back into Ebay.  All my stuff is out there.  But, I do have a few things here and so does my mom.  We are going to try Craigslist to sell a few things.  
I am also working on a staff writing job.  When that comes to fruition I will share more about it.  It is a "paid" position so to speak, and am excited to try it out. 

How are you doing with the Debt Snowflake Challenge?

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judy said...

We are listing more stuff on craigslist next week. I am hoping some of the girls dresses from previous formals and such will sell..and some soccer and hockey equipment we found

CentsToSave said...

My experience with Craigslist is buying stuff... hoping to make a few bucks selling.

Mariae said...

That's a great plan to eliminate debts. The article is really valuable to many of us. Thanks!

Melissa said...

Congrats on the work! I love how the change can add up. Keeping change for the month and turning it in is one of our favorite ways to snowflake. Looking forward to hearing more about your paid writing gig!

Kylie Ofiu said...

You are doing great! It's amazing how those different things up and what a difference they make. We are hitting our debt hard and are pretty sure we can have it gone within 2 months which is so exciting.

Miss T said...

I still think you are doing awesome given the situation. Keep you head up.

Jane said...

Great job on the snowflaking! I turned in some wine bottles for a measly $2.80, oh well every little bit helps!

Debby S. said...

Nice chunk of change hunh? Hope your transition back home is quick and seemless for you and your parents! I am really enjoying your blog! What a great child your parents have!!!!!!!! Sounds like they have a wonderful son-in-law too!

MyMoneyDesign said...

I can’t believe you’ve found that much change in your backseat since December? Is your vehicle a school-bus? LOL. Good luck with this Challenge!

Anonymous said...

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