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Food Waste Friday: The Jig is Up

Here we go, time for some food waste show and tell.  This is what happens when you dig deep into your fridge........reaching the places that have gone unnoticed and untouched.  

Why untouched and unnoticed?  Hidden.  Hidden behind the 12 pack of diet coke, that is why. 

First culprit:  a lonely can of jellied cranberry sauce. Lonely and old. 

Expiration date of May 2011.  Oh yeah.... this is the can that got away.  How did my mom or myself miss that one?    Oh yes.... it was hidden.  Behind the 12 pack of diet coke. 

Next on the chopping block is the following:   A little but of yogurt.  Sugar free no less.   

And now the reveal: 

Yep.  Expired.  But you knew that was coming, didn't ya?  

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Carla said...

lol! That's not *too* bad though... could have been worse!

CentsToSave said...

I agree... It could ALWAYS be worse :)

Live and Learn-Toss and Turn said...

Well, you didn't have any cranberry sauce this week, but you did have nice, cold, refreshing diet coke. I would pick the latter especially since I don't like cranberries.

Melissa@PersonalFinanceJourney said...

Not a bad week! The nice part is that you didn't waste any produce. That is what I need to work on; no matter how hard I try, we always seem to waste a bit of produce. I guess that just means I should buy less or plan better!

CentsToSave said...

Thanks Melissa! The produce waste was practically nil. Not enough to mention :)

CentsToSave said...

Lol! I am with ya on the diet coke. Cranberries.... an acquired taste.