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$500 HOLIDAY CHALLENGE 2012 week # 2

  In order to survive the holidays financially, it is important to have your plan of action.  This plan of action should include a list of who you will be buying for.  We have a long list, it come to about 15-20 people.  This list includes family members, friends, and a couple of business associates.    
Christmas Dinner is another cost that we factor in to the picture.  As in previous years we will cater Christmas with Italian food from a local restaurant.  Mom and I split the cost.  For us, it is just easier to be able to eat and enjoy each other with out the hassle of planning a menu, food shopping, cooking and cleaning up.

Will you be traveling to visit relatives during the holiday season?  This may be another cost to factor in to the Holiday budget.  If you do plan to travel, it definitely would be easier to put money aside for that now.
Here are a couple of web sites that can help with your holiday planning!

Here is a Free Christmas Present Planner offered by My Money Design

Ann's Amazing Holiday Planner

Free Christmas Planner at Organizing Junkie

Visit here to see the participants that have joined so far.

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Sammyleia said...

Thanks for sharing these links Lisa. I had a problem with the Organizing Junkie one though. It sent me to Ann's link too. I love Anne's Amazing Holiday Planner. I've printed it out and will set up my folder. I WILL be organized this Christmas! :)

laura @ no more spending said...

I'm considering (procrastinating on) a Christmas Challenge...I just can't seem to decide what to do. Perhaps I should start with a list of people to buy for!? Thanks for the butt kick! :)

CentsToSave said...

Hi Sammyliea,
Thanks for telling me about the link. I fixed it. :) So glad that you are able to use these tools to get organized!

CentsToSave said...

Starting with a list is a great idea Laura :) Happy to motivate you!

Newlyweds on a Budget said...

I was totally planning on saving $75 a month for the holidays but with our new move, that will 99% be put on hold for a few months. even if we pick it back up in may, we'll still have a good chunk of change by the holidays, and also I plan on using our credit card points for gifts this year.