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Five Things Friday

1. Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes: I had planned to hey the shoeboxes to the collection center earlier this week. That did not happen and I will be borrowing my daughter's truck to take them tomorrow :-). The final count collected is 85 boxes. I also provided 11 of the boxes to be filled by friends. The final count will be 96 shoeboxes!!

2. Plan a list for grocery shopping for thanksgiving dinner. I still have to get a turkey but my daughter in law is going to cook it. I am making cornbread stuffing that is a family favorite. Recipe will be posted early next week.

3. Tonight, I need to put up the clean clothes. There is two baskets of them. Better clean than dirty.

4. Talk to hubs about our Christmas shopping plans. He is such a kid a heart and solves the holidays. We just need to keep it affordable this year. I want a chicken coop. But we will see about that.

5. Coordinate with local elementary school to set up an "angel tree" at church. Our church members could select an "angel" that has info on a needy child and what they would like for Christmas.

That is it for now. My lunch hour is almost done so it is time to get back to work!

1 comment:

~Carla~ said...

96 shoeboxes!?! That my friend is simply amazing!!! :)