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Food Waste Friday: Yuck

Yuck! Here is the food waste week in review....

This was a total waste of my money. These pretty Roma tomatoes were neglected and now they are a sloppy fuzzy mess.

This left over chili and rice is about 3 weeks old. It was hiding way in the back of the refrig. Looks a little green doesn't it?


A lonely Clementine orange tucked in the vegetable drawer. Brown and yucky.


Last but not least.... These out of date hash browns from September. Who knows when I actually bought them!


How was your food waste this week?

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1 comment:

Live and Learn said...

We were lucky this week with no waste. However, we have some oranges we bought last week that aren't rotten, but they don't have any flavor. Not sure if they are going to become food waste or not next week.