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Cleaning Out My Purse: The Beginning of easing Stress

My work purse is a heavy, full of too much stuff pocketbook/satchel. It is not pretty by any means, although at one time It was pretty darn cute. Now it is more functional than cute.

It has a camo theme, but still has bright colors. The bottom of it is leather or pseudo leather and makes it easier to clean. The inside has a wide opening pouch that is wonderful to stuff a bunch of crap into.


It is full to the brim with a variety of "stuff".


I have bills that need to be paid, statements from Roth IRA's, and super old bank statements.

The side pouch has my work phone,the two cords for charging, and the charger for my iPhone.

Checkbook, date planner, a Baggie of gift cards that I need to use and probe covers that I use at work. And a really old candy cane.

More of the gift cards and dry socks.


I went through all the letters, bills ( several of which I paid over the phone) and shredded what was no longer necessary. All of what you see above is going back into my purse.


It is still packed to the brim, but it is a much neater chaos and I can mostly find what I need. Next is the wallet. It needs some serious attention!



~Carla~ said...

Haha! I bet that's a heavy purse! My purse is "mid-sized" i'd say... but lugging it around all day still bugs me. lol! I prefer to "travel light"!

sluggy said...

Why would you keep bills in your purse? I find that very strange. Do you keep all of them in there? If you ever have your purse stolen you would have to worry about reconstructing what needed paying/what was paid/etc. along with having all that personal info. in the hands of thieves(which they'd have anyway from your wallet contents). I'd find a stationery place to keep bills and not be carting them around like that.....and it's better for your back too. ;-)
But that's just me....
I like your purse though!

sluggy said...

LOL....I figured you had a reason for it. I thought maybe if you were away from home in waiting rooms or something and used that time to catch up on reading/paying bills instead of wasting that time. Since I got rid of the diaper bag(which did double duty as my purse back then)I've been reducing the size and what I carry in the bag. I am now down to a wallet, keys, cell, checkbook(sometimes), pen and lip balm. The coupon wallet goes in only if I am going to the store. I really should put the gift cards in, to be there when I need them....that's a good idea!