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Monday: Thoughts and Potential Plans

This is my goal :)

There is some serious thinking going on.  Yesterday while at the park with my grandson, I was able to talk to my husband about letting the job at the college go.  It is a part time position that may or may not lead to a full time position.  That would not occur for about 4 years, at least as it pertains to the ultrasound program. 

My other part time job in mobile ultrasound is three days a week and I am pretty much okay with this job.  It is more physically demanding, but manageable. We also talked about spending more time with eBay and pushing that to the next level.  First we have to figure out where the business is at now.  Okay, right now it is on auto-pilot as I have not had the time to commit to it.   Not like there has not been a lot going on in our home.....

My thoughts are for the future and how my mom will fit in to the plans.  Her health is pretty good, at least as far we know.  Tuesday we go to the oncologist to find out what here tumor markers are and if there will be radiation for the cancer on her scalp.  But that information will probably come from her oncologist radiologist. And she does not see him until March 15,2013.  What the heck!  I hope that they will move that appointment up!

With all that IS going on with my  mom, I need to cut back on one of my part time jobs.  I think the college job will be going.  I like it, but there is a lot of drama with the other instructors.  I am hoping that with the college job out of the picture, that I will be less stressed, I will have more time for mom AND I can elevate my eBay sales to be more substantial.

As usual our plans will be very flexible.  That is just the way things are for now.  But, I need to find a happy medium and when I do that, things will not be stressing me out so much.


~Carla~ said...

Good for you, Lisa! You need to put yourself first for once! Enjoy this time with your mom, I hope your stress levels get better!! hugs!

krantcents said...

I have frequented many an antique store and found some nice pieces to add to my home. Occasionally, I have gone to thrift stores for accessories.

Live and Learn said...

Good luck with finding the right balance of things for you and your family. I hope the ever changing situation, settles down for you for a while.