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Net Worth Update Jan 2013

Cash $2200.00
Combined retirement accounts: $63,727.00
House # 1: $101,460.00
House# 2: $ 52,598

Mortgage # 1:$ 97,820
Mortgage # 2: $ 92,731

~~~~Net worth $28,437~~~~~

Previous update Dec 2012


sluggy said...

Are your numbers correct? They don't add up to $40K NW.

How did you get to owing $92K on a $52K house? wow....that's some powerful upside downness.... I feel there is a story there. 8-(

Tanner E said...

Was wondering the same as Sluggy. It comes down to short of $30k in total. Do you owe twice as much as it's worth on the second property?

Lisa Richardson said...

The story is.. Don't blog (especially about finances) on your ipad while at work! Thanks for the reality check! lol

CentsToSave said...

That is the rental house. We refinanced before the market tanked to send husband back to school and then the bubble burst. So far, we have great renters.
Numbers re adjusted. Don't blog at work. Never good.

CentsToSave said...

Math redone. That is what happens when you blog at work. The rental property is the one we are upside down on. We refinanced before the market tanked to send husband back to school. It sounded like a good idea at the time. But we have really good renters in there and hope to get it paid off in 10 years..... give or take.