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The Rollercoaster Ride Never Ends

Here we go again.  It sounds like I am repeating myself, doesn't it? Unfortunately it seems that mom can't catch a break lately.  We went to see her radiation oncologist Thursday.  This was an urgent follow up by her primary oncologist regarding the biopsy on her scalp.   The surgeon (who was not affiliated with MD Anderson)  said the pathology report came back positive for her breast cancer and it mets to her scalp.  He removed the stitched and call her oncologist and gave him the results.

(upcoming images of wound are kinda graphic, just a warning)

this is pic of wound 2 weeks ago 

That was about two weeks ago.

The biopsy site has not healed and the the incision site has become bigger.  It resembles a non healing ulcer (about the size of a quarter) on the top of her head.  The radiation oncologist was GREATLY concerned about this and was livid at the job the surgeon did on her biopsy.

He told us that the non healing wound will not heal because her scalp has had radiation previously AND the mesh from the previous craniotomy in 2011 is exposed.  The mesh is like a foreign body in her and the scalp tissue will not cover it.  Translation:  Big gaping hole in her scalp with INCREASED risk for life threatening brain infection.

This is what would looks like two days ago

The radiation doctor called the team brain surgeon ( did previous craniomoty) and now a plastic surgeon for a consult.  When they are looking at the hole in mom's scalp you can see the shock and anger in their face.  These guys work fast.  Now mom is scheduled for surgery Friday, February 1st.  Brain surgeon is going to remove the mesh and Plastic surgeon is going to use the skin on her scalp to cover the wound.  This upcoming week is pre admittance testing and a repeat CAT scan to get exact measurements and location of mesh in her skull.

Is this not the craziest thing you have ever heard?

Yesterday, I took a half day off work for a "mental health" day.  After all that information on Thursday,  my brain was on information overload.  I was done. Stick a fork in me..

But there is an upside to all this.  Mom has been financially generous to me and my children and I am able to really get my debt numbers down.  More on that very soon. 


CentsToSave said...

The biopsy surgeon has little experience with cancer patients.

sluggy said...

I hope they get this sorted out and your mom heals up fast.

Live and Learn said...

Oh my, I'm sorry for all of this. It seems just as you are getting your footing that you get them knocked out from under you again. However, it sounds like you have a good team in place to fix the problem. My thoughts are with you, your mother, and your entire family.

~Carla~ said...

Oh Lisa.... those photo's made me cry. :( Your poor mother... I hope they're able to help her! You're all in my prayers!! Hugs!

Angela said...

Oh my goodness, your poor mother! I would be furious with that surgeon. I hope the next surgery is a success and she can heal properly. I went through this roller coaster ride several years ago when my mother had a cancerous brain tumor. Best of luck to your family!