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Friday the 13th and Work

Up until today, work has been going along pretty well. The new owners have been staying up at the bigger center and our center has been pretty much left alone. That is until Today.

The new owner and his chief technologist were at our office a good part of the afternoon. They called each of the technologists into the office to talk. After taking an extreme amount of time explaining their vision for the facility... they finally got around to what was important... at least important to me.

I will have a reduction in hours. From 40 to 35 a week. I will also be working a half day at our bigger center and then returning to my home center to work until 5pm. They have it scheduled for me to only get about 35 hours... That sucks. Alot.

They also reduced hours of our MRI technologist... and unfortunately fired our CT technologist. It appears a great majority of the techs will be traveling to different centers to cover the schedule.

Yes... The good news is I still have a job. I am blessed. I know that. But dang..... the reduction in hours does SUCK!!


Kristen said...

It's been an interesting week for several of us. I'm glad mine week is over.

I'm sorry about your reduction in hours. That really stinks. Just keep doing your best so they will NEED to keep you!

Lisa said...

Thanks Kristen! I appreciate your advice and I plan on doing just that... the best that I can :)

Ginger said...

Sorry for the loss at your primary job. Just think of it as 5 more hours to blog per week and beef up what you are doing online. Add some surveys, do more affiliate work, coupon more, hold a garage sale. It will all shake out.

Yep you are blessed. Hang in until you are use to the change.


Lisa said...

Thanks Ginger!

Thanks for the encouragement. It definitely could be worse.. A garage sale is a great idea!

Thanks again