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Back on the Blog

It has been months since I last posted.  What happened?  Like everyone else, I was extremely busy with family, school and work.  Family issues in May were the most distressing for me.  My oldest son, (31) was a victim of random violence and was hospitalized for two weeks with a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain.  His first week was spent in a trauma unit.  He experienced a great deal of pain and had aphasia where when he talked the words he wanted to say were not the words that came out.  Very frustrating for him.  The swelling in his brain did not go down as expected, but with time and special medication eventually the swelling did go down.  His second week  was in a step down trauma unit, and gradually he did recover his speech, the pain subsided and I am so thankful. He was able to go home with supervision. And that was only May!!

I finished my BS in Education this summer, so all summer was very busy with the finishing up of three tiring classes.  I am thrilled that I am finally done!!!!  I don't think I am going for the Master's, it is too expensive and I am burnt out. 

I will be updating more in the next few days, financially, health and home will be topics of note.  Right now I am just glad to be back on my blog.  It is like seeing a reliable, comforting friend. 

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