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Busy Weekend

Does it seem to you all that the older you get, the faster time passes?  I try to enjoy each day and see the blessings around me.  Work is crazy busy and by the time I get home I am done physically and mentally. 
I am a sonographer ( ultrasound tech ) and there is more to ultrasound than just scanning pregnant women.  Many patients are ill, and when you are going through your scanning protocol and spot pathology, you then have to search more diligently to see what other organ may be affected.  That requires a great deal of "thinking" all while keeping a smile on your face so you do not alarm the patient. Our job is to take detailed images, not to tell the patient the results.  That is the radiologist's job.
This job is also physically demanding in that you are helping patients to sit up ( some patient are very large and not able to move by themselves).  Scanning does take its toll on your scanning arm.  You are always exerting a great deal of pressure with that are to obtain the best image. 

All that being said, I love my job!  I have the pleasure of meeting the nicest people everyday!  But as you know, some days are just more hectic than others. And time does seem to slip away faster and faster every week.

Yesterday was a day of cleaning and catching up.  I was able to whittle down the piles of "stuff" that tends to accumulate on my desk and kitchen counter.  Mail that needed to be sorted, bills that needed to be paid....Really a good feeling to get all that done. 

Oh yes... and a wonderful 2 hour nap.  That was  the best part of all.

Today, is J's (my son)  birthday and tomorrow is my husband's birthday.  After church, we are going to a local Bar-B-Que for lunch.  I am looking forward to that very much.  later this afternoon, we are again going house hunting.  It seems that the "short-sale" house we currently have a contract on is... well..... There are some shady shenanigans going on with the bankruptcy attorney that is helping the seller.  More about that later.  

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!


Steve Finnell said...

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Sharon said...

I think there are reasons for everything, and perhaps the house you put a bid on isn't the one for you...Hopefully you will find the home of your dreams! You are smart to question the short sale. I never understood them, but from what I've heard they can go on forever.....

I've had many ultrasounds, and I've always had wonderful techs. It's just disconcerting not knowing if they see anything or not, because they do a great job not showing emotion....I would FAIL at that job, for sure!

Lisa @Cents To Save said...


It only takes one or two times of slipping up and showing the emotion to learn your lesson. It is sometimes very difficult to always keep the smile.

Lisa @Cents To Save said...

Sharon.... and you may be right about the short sale house. It may not be the one.... But Dang, I REALLY like it!

Jane said...

Don't like the sound of shady shenanigans!! I'd run, not walk, away from that deal. That being said I know how much you liked it and it seems like you're back at square one again. Crap.
It's always interesting to hear what people do for a living - like Sharon I've experienced many an ultra sound - the most stressful one was the one I had to wait 3 days for to see if I had miscarried my daughter or not - the tech showed me that I hadn't!! I suppose she wasn't supposed to but it was such a huge relief!! and I was so grateful!

Dave@50plusfinance said...

It's nice to get the perspective of the technician doing the exam. You help a lot of people it must give you a lot of satisfaction.

Maureen said...

I get scanned yearly and I really stare at the Sonographer,s face looking for a sign that everything is OK and I,ve never been able to read the deadpan expressions.
I would be bound to give the game away if it were me. It sounds like an extremely high pressure job, but I can see why you would love it.

As for the house, my old Scottish Granny used to say " What,s for you will no go by you " wise words I think.

Lisa @Cents To Save said...

Sharon.... and you may be right about the short sale house. It may not be the one.... But Dang, I REALLY like it!