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Operation Christmas Child: Pencils on Sale

 Yesterday I expressed a need for pencils for the Operation Christmas Child Shoe boxes.  Well, don't you know a visitor to my blog emailed me about a sale at Staples.  They have an 8 pack of pencils for 25 cents.  (Limit of 4)  This is about 3 cents a pencil which is a pretty good deal.

I will be recruiting friends and family to pass by Staples and pick up the pencils.....and it would be great if they went everyday.  Yes, I am serious.   I am figuring that we will need about 60 packs of pencils for the shoe boxes. 

I will be working Staples into  my daily driving routine for the rest of the week :) 

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C.R.P said...

Awesome!! Even if you end up having to split up the pencils at least it's something right?! :)

kim said...

You are like Santa Claus!

Lisa Richardson said...

lol! Thanks Kim!

Lisa Richardson said...

Yep! Something is definitely better than nothing!