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Tuesday's Mini Goals and Remembering

 Does it seem like it has been 11 years since the World Towers went down?  Remembering those who lost their lives that day and their families.   Of course I remember exactly where I was when the event happened.  And I watched the event play over and over on TV for days.  It was all I could watch....in total disbelief.    Prayers for our nation.  Amen.

Today is another day of errands and getting things done.  For my part time job at the college, I have to get my medical history up to date.  This includes vaccinations.   Yesterday, I was able to get in to see my doctor for a physical and a flu shot.  Today I am off to the county health department to start my MMR (measles mumps rubella) series of shots and Varicella (chicken pox) series of shots.  Yeah, not looking forward to that at all.

The cost of the shots is a bit of a shocker.  The MMR will total out at about 200.00 for both and the Varicella will be another 150.00 for both.  Budget buster for sure!  Well, budgets are always having to give and take.  I wonder is the shots are a tax deduction since they are work related?

Then it is off to the dog groomer for our Papillion, Cricket.  She is getting a bit to shaggy and needs a clipping. Another budget category I forgot to put in the budget.   There is going to be a lot of revision in the budget this month.

After the shots and the groomer, I will come back home, put dinner in the crockpot and list a few things on eBay.  And then off to work at the college.

All in all, it is going to be a busy day!

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!

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Lauren Bee said...

Love the puppy. And I love the idea of "mini goals"!

Lisa Richardson said...

Thanks! just read your underwear vs dog post! Hilarious!!!

OutlierModel said...

Such a cute puppy!

I had to get my MMR re-done and (at least for me) it was the most painful shot I've ever had. They gave it to me intra-muscular and my arm ached for hours.

Lisa Richardson said...

OMG!! Just had the MMR and it burned like fire!!!! Yikes!!!

OutlierModel said...

That's exactly what it felt like to me, liquid fire down the arm. :S