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CVS Savings

Went to CVS yesterday to get the white albacore tuna that was on sale for 0.98 cents. I also had a CVS coupon $4/20.00 so I also picked up Fish Oil that was BOGO @ $10.99. The Campbell's soup was 0.50 cents with CVS card and the deodorant was BOGO @ $3.29. I also had a CVS coupon $2.00 off two deodorants.
The Manila envelopes I needed to mail some eBay items, they were $3.99. I had another CVS coupon $1.00/$4.00 school supply purchase. So I picked up the binder clips that were clearance @ $1.00. I like binder clips as opposed to paper clips. They can hold papers more securely.

I spent $23.50 with an inflated savings of $32.00.


Lisa Richardson said...

I don't usually shop at CVS, so I've never gotten into their savings program. But it looks like you can save significant money with it.

Lisa Richardson said...

I don't usually shop at CVS either, but I could not pass up the Tuna deal. And the 4/20 coupon.

Lisa Richardson said...

Nice! I'm at CVS a lot for their pharmacy, but also don't regularly shop there. I'm going to have to start getting into the drug store game! Thanks for linking up! If you could link back to one of this week's hosts we'd really appreciate it!