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Old Habits

Returning back to my old job on Monday was like I had never left in the first place. I was only gone two weeks, so Its not like I was missing in action for a great amount of time. It is great to be back!

On most days I will bring my water, soda and lunch. This in fact saves me a great deal of money. But, today I did not have any soda at the house and there were no leftovers to take to work for lunch. (But there was sandwich meat and cans of soup)I didnt bother with any of that.

Nope, I went straight to 7-11 this morning to get my two cans of diet soda,gum, and breath mints and at lunch time I walked to Wendy's to get a Spicy chicken sandwich. Money spent today was 5.89 dollars at 7-11 and 6.16 dollars at Wendys.

Old habits die hard.


D said...

I wouldn't be so hard on yourself. You have actually been through a lot lately.

Look at the good point - you walked to Wendy's.

lndsymaria said...

Absolutely. Going back to your old job took alot of guts and deserves a small treat.

You'll get back on track, you'll see.

Also, why not give yourself a small spending allowance to do with what you please?

Missy said...

d, ha ha! that's funny! You are right, I did "walk" to Wendy's. That is a plus. Thanks! ( I also
walked to the 7-11 :o!)

Maria, I do have a small allowance in my budget for me, its call "All About Me!!" and I did use that because my catagory for eating out was maxed out!!

Thanks to you both for your encouragement! I appreciate it!

Golbguru said...

May be it's just the anxiety of going back to the old job...sort of comfort eating? :)

Once in a while is alright...if you went again for the soda after monday..then you will need someone to chain you to your desk :)...just kidding.

Missy said...

Golbguru.... Don't tell but I managed to somehow find my way back to 7-11 today!

Stress eating??? Ya think! Definitely a possibility! :)

Golbguru said...

Ah...I knew it.
You do need a chain. Let me scare you a bit and see if that works.
If you go to 7-11 again..you will put on more weight, each time you go..you will take in so many calories..that it will take you weeks to burn them. Also think of the money you are wasting...you could probably have a very satisfying meal next month at the best restaurant in town with the money you save. (ok its not scary..but hopefully it will work)

Missy said...


Alrighty then. Now that I know I am being monitored by more than just myself, I should be able to resist the visit to 7-11. Starting on Monday. One more time....... just one more quick visit. Have to shop this weekend!!

Anonymous said...

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