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Weekend Update

Time for a brief update on my cash for my Carpet fund. It has become easier and easier to NOT eat out while at work. Knowing that I will have to give an account on my blog motivates me to keep my debit card in my wallet.
I buy bottled water and keep a case of it at work, I will bring in a two liter of soda about once or twice a week ( I still like to drink soda) and I pack breakfast and lunch every day. In the past, I would get bored with ALWAYS bringing my lunch to work. I get bored with doing the same old thing day after day. (Some would say I have a short attention span) I would do it for a day or two and then I would say "To heck with this, let's go to Subway!" I would say that a lot.

But, the Carpet fund needs attention and I want to finish saving that money so I can start on the "NEW Furniture Fund" . Maybe I will just call it snow flaking like everyone else....

Anyway, last week I did not eat out at all!! So, I can put 50.00 dollars into the Carpet Fund. New total is 690.00!

I posted earlier about selling my Fire King collection to an interested antique shop. Well.. they must have lost interest because I have not heard from them yet. Hmmm.... If they do call me and want to purchase, that money will also go to the Carpet fund. And of course, some will go to savings... I will probably stop by the Antique shop next week to follow up.

I did clean out my "Anticipation Buying" or Stockpile Closet this weekend. My daughter thought it was getting a little out of control. I would have to agree with her.



Okay, I think I am good on toothpaste for a while... but you know, if its free..... I will probably get it anyway!


Alyssa said...

Yep, that is what my stockpile looks like too. I am inspired to go get it organized!

Good for you on the carpet fund! Glad to hear you are drinking more H2O!

LISA said...

Thanks for the kudos! And yes... I am probably better off drinking more water!