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Packing it up!

boxes in computer room closet
Today I packed.  And packed.  It was a scheduled day off for me, so I went to Lowe's and picked up about 15 big boxes to pack up the big stuff.   I also passed by my AVON district office and picked up a bunch of smaller boxes.  I liked using the smaller boxes.  I put  all of my green depression dishes in those.  The bigger boxes have my grandson's toys, pots and pans and blankets and sheets from the linen closet. 
More boxes of stuff
I may have over-packed the bigger boxes, I sure hope the tape holds!!  The box with all my school books is probably the heaviest. Tomorrow, we are going back to my girlfriend's house to MOVE her big stuff out of her house and into her new apartment.  Her and her husband are definitely downsizing and have had to rent TWO storage units for all their stuff.  That is a lot of stuff!  But apartments do not have the storage space of a house, so maybe I would have to do the same too.

 Time to call it a night, up early tomorrow to beat the heat and get my friend moved.  If all goes as planned, maybe next weekend they can give us a hand moving into our house.
More to come...


The Borrower said...

Moving is so much work. Hope your back makes it. When we moved I put books in the bottom of boxes and then stacked (in plastic) sheets, pillows, folded clothes on top to help keep the boxes more evenly weighted.

I envy your friends and their downsizing. However, I would probably never dish the cash out for storage - I would sell or give away.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're pretty organized with your moving. Packing tape should hold your boxes. Good luck!

Jane said...

You're on your way - FINALLY!! So happy for you! I hope to move only one more time in my life, to PEI, though no doubt I'll be helping my daughter move out one of these days! That will be a tough one!

What is a Short Sale? said...

I’ve been in similar situations before. It’s not as easy solution as you think it is, its something that you will have to consider for yourself over over some time.

jpkittie said...